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International Standard Pre Engineered Building PEB

  • Type Multi Span
  • Dimension Length 250 M, Width 80
  • Clear Height – 12 Meter (40 Feet) from Finish Floor Level, 16.82 Meter at Center (Ridge Level)
  • Width Module – 4 Modules of 20 Meter width totaling to 80 Meter Wide building
  • Roof Slope – 1:10
  • Bay Spacing – 7.6 Meter from column center to center
  • Type of End Frames – Both Ends Standard Post and Beam Frames
  • Bracing Type – Diagonal Pipe Bracing 100 MM Bore
  • Crane System – Not applicable


  • Roof Sheeting – 0.47 TCT Bare Galvalume Hi-Rib Roof With Self Drilling Fasteners. Material Used Was Az150gsm/350mpa Steel Conforming To As Standard.
  • Wall Cladding And Gable Ends- 0.50 Mm Tct Standard Smp Coated Galvalume Sheets Az150gsm/350 Mpa Structural Grade Of Steel (55%Aluminium + 45% Zinc Coating) Conforms To As Standard And Fixed With Self Drilling Fasteners. Sheeting Above The Brick Wall
  • Gutter And Down Take – Eave Gutter And Down Spouts Metal Pipes
  • Brick Wall – Brick Wall On All Sides Of Building Of 10 Foot High
  • Frame Opening – One Frame Has Two Opening Of 10 Foot X 10 Foot. Every Alternate Bay Has A Frame Opening. Opening Are Located On Both Sides Of The Building
  • Canopy – Running Canopy Across The All Building With 3 Meter Projection
  • Insulation – No
  • Mezzanine System – No
  • Turbo Vents – One Per 1250 Square Foot Roof Top Gravity Turbine. This Enables 6 Complete Air Changes Of The Entire Warehouse At A Regular Interval Of 4 Hours. The Ambient Temperature Of The Warehouse Is Lower By 2 -3 Degrees Than The Temperature Outside

Day Light Panel On Roof

  • Transparent Panels Made Out Of Poly-Carbonate Sheets Have Been Installed by Satvik @ 10% Of The Floor Area where as the Industry Standard Is 2 %. This Enables For More Sunlight To Come Into The Warehouse. It Helps in Reduction of the Power Consumption Up To 50% As No Power Is Required During The Day.
  • For Example if a Client operates for 18 Working Hours in A Day, he will require power only for 9 Hours In The Night. In Rupee Terms he can save about INR 65,000 Per Month In Energy Cost.
  • The Skylights installed by Satvik are made of Polycarbonate Sheet. It stays Transparent for 7 Years Where FRP Material (which is the Industry Standard) Stays Transparent for 2 Years. Thus you save cost for 7 years.


International Design – FM 2

Load bearing Capacity – 6 Metric Ton / Square Meter Floor Design

  • Layer 1 – 1 Meter of Land Fill Compacted to a Procter Density of 98 %
  • Layer 2 – 4 inch of GSB Compacted and water bonded to 97% Density
  • Layer 3 – 4 inch of GSB Compacted and water bonded to 97% Density
  • Layer 4 – 5 inch Concrete slab with 8 mm and 10 mm Steel Re-enforcement


Load bearing Capacity – 6 Metric Ton / Square Meter

    • Wide panel casting - the slab is casted panel by panel. Satvik has used Wide panel technology to cast their warehouse floor. The minimum panel size they have casted is 500 square meters. This reduces the number of joints in the slab up to 75 times and thereby reducing the number of cracks being developed over time. The old technology allow maximum panel size of 16 square meters, leading to increased number of joints and thus more number of cracks.
    • Latest and Modern Equipment – Laser Screed, Ride on Trowels, Hand Trowels, Imported tools for maintaining Levels were used to make the warehouse floor by Satvik Logistics. The Laser screed uses laser guidance systems to pour and spread the concrete and maintain the flatness of the finish floor level. Old technology used Manual Needle Vibrators and Manual Leveling systems. This never gave the accuracy which the Laser systems gave Satvik.
    • Concrete Mix – Satvik used the mix supplied by Automatic RMC plant. The Automatic sensors allow only exact quantity of cement and aggregates to be drawn in the machine to make the ready mix concrete. This ensured consistency in the ratios of components and thereby the quality of the concrete. The Manual concrete preparation systems draw the components by estimate through labor. This can never be as consistent as the machine.

RMC Design – Satvik used the following Design Mix Grade – M 25 Cement 300 KG No Fly ash content


  • 24 Hour Power Back Up
  • Fire Protection
  • Complete Building Is Secured with Fire Fighting Systems as a standard fit out at no extra cost
  • Under Water Tank capacity of 15 lac liters to supply the fire fighting systems.
  • Roads – Wide Internal Roads for Bi-Flow Vehicular Movement. 7 meter wide External Approach road
  • Ample Streetlights
  • Landscaping & Green Plantation
  • 5 Layer Securities
    1. Company owned personnel
    2. Outsourced security personnel
    3. High boundary wall topped with barbed wire fencing
    4. 24 house CCTV security surveillance
    5. Access controls for restricting in and out movements from the warehouse.
  • Ample Support Infrastructure
    1. Office Available for Lease
    2. Dormitory Available for Lease
    3. Restrooms with Bathing and Washing Facilities
    4. Canteen
    5. Truck Parking Bay


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