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Less is More

My previous blog discussed how it is important to change with the times. In that, I spoke about why it is important and how it can be the defining decision between success and failure, survival and extinction. In this blog, I take our discussion in The Universal Truth a little further and broaden the perspective a bit more.

I went to Goa for a holiday for a holiday with my family in peak season. The hotel we wanted to stay in was packed. In fact, every hotel was full. The only place we could find was a grand villa by the sea. It was too big for just the four of us. Still, we stayed as we had no other choice. It was a nice holiday, but paying for an entire villa when all I needed was two rooms pinched me quite a bit. It got me thinking: if only I could pay only for the two rooms I actually used?

Applying Same Logic to Warehousing

It is pretty much the same when it comes to renting space in a warehouse. Generally, in warehousing, there is a minimum space and time that you have to pay for, irrespective of the quantity of material you
need to store. My experience in Goa got me thinking “how about creating a system that caters to the
section that needs smaller spaces, and for shorter durations. This is how the concept of “Pallet Storage” was born. Compared to the usual Long Term Lease of 3 years, we now offer Storage solution on pay per use basis palett store solutions to warehousing needs of clients with small cargos.

    The Palett Storage Solution

  • Palett solutions enable clients to rent a storage area on a per palett, per day basis.
  • Each palett position offers a standard size of 1Meter X 1Meter X 1Meter, with a carrying capacity of
    500 KG of Cargo
  • The Racks and Material handling equipment are pre-installed at our warehouses and the space for
    storage has been standardized to fit all needs. These are like the cubby hole or a shoe storage rack
    in temples and gurudwaras.

The Value Proposition

The Value add here in comparison to Large Warehousing is that clients with small cargo and short term
needs can avail of modern warehousing facilities with a tailor made plan and costs favourable for them.
As opposed to the 3rd party logistics, the Per Palett Position Solution caters to those who only need
storage solutions. The value advantages this system offers are:

  1. Pay per use
  2. Smaller spaces availability
  3. No long time commitment
  4. Standardized dimensions

Changing to serve even the smallest needs

No business ever benefitted by being one-way. Learning is growing and understanding the client’s needs means growth and success. As much as businesses want the consumer behaviors to change with the
changing economies, it is in our own benefit to provide for the client’s needs; however ‘small’ they
happen to be! With us, even less cargo and less storage duration means more convenience and more
savings for you!

Published By: Vaibhav Rathi

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