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Powered by veteran business minds, Satvik Logistics is a new player in the world of Logistics, warehousing and distribution, however, its parent company is one of the top-profiled and reputed name in the Indian industrial sphere. Sponsoring, managing and controlling the overall operations of “Satvik Logistics” is the “Rathi Steel Group,” a giant industrial group from India. And of course, when such a renowned name from the Indian industrial sector launches a new venture, people do pay it the requisite attention.  

Rathi Steel Group needs no introduction today; however, Satvik Logistics certainly necessitate some endorsement and advertising. With Satvik Logistics, Rathi Steel Group is penetrating into the new domain of warehousing and logistic services. And in this regard, they’ve established a massive and contemporary logistic park. They’ll further put their warehouse on rent, to offer top-notch logistics services, apart from warehouse and distribution solutions, coupled with the other value added services.

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